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    Aren’t all law firms the same?

    Every law firm is unique in terms of the work it undertakes, the depth of its approach to the work and the quality of its legal team.

    Clients choose to work with & Legal for a variety of reasons including quality, strategy and management of their legal risk, but most of all, because we deliver clear, timely and affordable solutions to their problems.

    If you are interested to know more about & Legal scroll down and read about our Values & Behaviours.

    Values & Behaviours


    Our Organisational Behaviour

    We engage in highly professional standards using decisive, efficient and organised processes to deliver value to our clients.

    Our Individual Behaviour

    I value efficiency, accuracy and take pride in my work product. My door remains open to others. I am comfortable to take the lead by designing workable solutions to client problems.


    Our Organisational Behaviour

    We strive to achieve clear, concise and transparent communication with our clients. We believe in keeping our clients fully informed about the progress of their affairs.

    Our Individual Behaviour

    I undertake to regularly update my client or team member. I understand the value and power of clear, detailed and consistent follow through.


    Our Organisational Behaviour

    We approach each client challenge ethically and with honesty, characterised by our sense of “doing the right thing”.

    Our Individual Behaviour

    I value candid and trustworthy actions whilst upholding the values of & Legal to clients and fellow team members.


    Our Organisational Behaviour

    We share our client’s problem. We work together in a framework of mutual respect, taking the initiative and providing constructive feedback.

    Our Individual Behaviour

    I show respect to my client and team member by being dependable and accountable and delivering outcomes on time. When the situation demands I will go out of my way to achieve the desired result.


    Our Organisational Behaviour

    Our growth is tied to the success of our clients. We understand that if we help our
    clients to be successful, we will be successful. We are committed to continual improvement through education, technology and embracing diversity and in doing so, provide our clients with every advantage.

    Our Individual Behaviour

    I seek to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. In growing I look to mentor others, share my knowledge and support my fellow staff members to perform to the highest level.

    Our History

    1. &Legal initially opened as Leon M. Ratner, Solicitor in 1973 and for many years operated as a sole practice.

    2. In early 2003, Darian Iacono joined the firm and the firm then became known as Leon M Ratner & Associates.

    3. Darian took up partnership in 2006.

    4. In 2012, Leon Ratner sold the firm and on taking control Darian rebranded the firm to & Legal.

    5. In 2013 the three partner Sydney commercial firm of Denes Ebner decided to relocate to Double Bay and join & Legal.  Denes Ebner operated a similarly styled commercial practice.  John Denes, Michael Dunkel and Robert Ebner joined & Legal as Senior Consultants bringing with them Property, Leasing, Commercial transactional, Wills & Estates, Tax and Trust experience.

    6. In 2019 Alan Segal, who for many years had operated as a sole practitioner in Edgecliff, decided to move his practice across and join & Legal.  His experience relating to Property, Wills & Estates, Commercial transactions and Commercial Litigation was also complementary to the existing style of & Legal.

    7. & Legal now has over 300 years of combined legal experience that we direct towards solving all manner of legal problems ranging from relatively straight-forward matters to the highly technical.  We have a recognised expertise in assisting property developers, commercial enterprises and high-end investors.

      We have specialists in Business, Litigation, Property, Tax & Trusts and Wills and Estates and the firm has won awards and recognition for service and excellence.

    8. In 2022 Norman Sarajinsky, who had operated a small firm in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs for a number of years, decided that the time was right to integrate his Property, Wills and Estates and Small Business advice practice with & Legal.

    9. Peter Murphy & Associates specialising in Maritime Law and Strata, Property & Construction Law merged with & Legal.


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