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      John Denes has been in practice since 1976 and offers specialised legal advice for buyers and sellers for the purchase and sale of property in New South Wales, consults in the areas of acquisition, sale and development of property including residential, retail, industrial and rural, arrangement of joint ventures, financing and purchase of property by foreign interests, purchase and sale of businesses and companies, negotiation and preparation of wills and administration of estates. ..Read More

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        Michael Dunkel established the firm which was later to be known as Denes Ebner in 1969. Michael consults in several areas of the law and provides the firm with in depth knowledge in revenue law, trusts, commercial and international transactions including inward and outward investment. ..Read More


          Robert Ebner, a former partner of Denes Ebner, has extensive experience in the areas of property development, conveyancing (specialising in commercial leasing) joint ventures, wills and commercial law matters. ..Read More


            Kendell has been practising as a solicitor for over 20 years (admitted on 6 June 1997), predominantly in smaller general practice firms where she has gained extensive experience in a broad range of areas across the legal landscape. ..Read More

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              Darian is a talented legal strategist and negotiator.  He is always looking at how to get clients that little bit more in every deal, dispute or negotiation. With a background in business and degrees in logic, law and computer science, Darian also has a fondness for numbers, and can read a balance sheet as easily as a shareholder agreement.  ..Read More


                Alan Segal has been an Accredited Specialist in Property Law since 1997, and holds a Professional Certificate in Arbitration. Alan has extensive experience in a wide range of property matters, including buying and selling off the plan, easements, strata, surveying, valuation, tenancy and construction disputes. ..Read More

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