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    Darian is a talented legal strategist and negotiator.  He is always looking at how to get clients that little bit more in every deal, dispute or negotiation. With a background in business and degrees in logic, law and computer science, Darian also has a fondness for numbers, and can read a balance sheet as easily as a shareholder agreement.  If you are looking for a lawyer who thinks beyond what is in front of him and you want the best outcome, Darian is your man. Darian’s career by the numbers:


    years practicing as a solicitor


    clients helped




    success in resolving disputes



    Senior Consultant

    John Denes has been in practice since 1976 and offers specialised legal advice for buyers and sellers for the purchase and sale of property in New South Wales, consults in the areas of acquisition, sale and development of property including residential, retail, industrial and rural, arrangement of joint ventures, financing and purchase of property by foreign interests, purchase and sale of businesses and companies, negotiation and preparation of wills and administration of estates.

    His aim is to give prompt and efficient advice and provide a value for money service to his clients. He represents several builders and development companies, both large and small.


    Michael Dunkel

    Senior Consultant

    Michael Dunkel established the firm which was later to be known as Denes Ebner in 1969. Michael consults in several areas of the law and provides the firm with in depth knowledge in revenue law, trusts, commercial and international transactions including inward and outward investment.

    He advises well-known business figures and companies and he is a Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Chartered Tax Adviser. Michael’s experience spans over 50 years of practice in which he has provided clients with professional expertise in acquisition and sales of major ventures of all kinds, structuring business transactions, advising clients in most business areas assisting clients in their on-going commercial activities with matters requiring legal input. Admitted as a solicitor 15 March 1968.


    Robert Ebner

    Senior Consultant

    Robert Ebner, a former partner of Denes Ebner, has extensive experience in the areas of property development, conveyancing (specialising in commercial leasing) joint ventures, wills and commercial law matters.

    Robert currently acts as an honorary solicitor for several benevolent organisations and was formerly the Honorary Consul of the United Republic of Tanzania in Sydney. Admitted as a solicitor 12/05/1967. Robert recently celebrated 50 years in practice.

    Leon 2

    Leon Ratner

    Senior Consultant

    After graduating from Sydney and admitted in 1968, Leon Ratner had conducted his legal training with a well-known commercial firm (Hickson Lakeman & Holcombe).  Leon practised as a sole practitioner for 34 years before partnering with Darian Iacono reflecting a fusion between the old and the new.  Leon’s talents lie in his vast knowledge of property law including in depth old system title and contract law. Quite simply, he has been practising long enough that he has seen it all before.



    Senior Consultant

    Alan Segal has been an Accredited Specialist in Property Law since 1997, and holds a Professional Certificate in Arbitration. Alan has extensive experience in a wide range of property matters, including buying and selling off the plan, easements, strata, surveying, valuation, tenancy and construction disputes. Alan also has experience in a wide range of commercial and litigation matters, including partnerships, franchising, agreements, negligence claims, elder law, and estates. He has conducted matters in jurisdictions, ranging from tribunals and Local Courts to the High Court of Australia. From 1982 until joining &Legal in July 2019, Alan has been the principal of his own practice, while having also worked with major legal practices in the CBD.



    Senior Solicitor

    Kendell has been practising as a solicitor for over 20 years (admitted on 6 June 1997), predominantly in smaller general practice firms where she has gained extensive experience in a broad range of areas across the legal landscape.  For the last 10 years Kendell has focused on property, commercial and estate matters offering advice and assistance to clients on the purchase and sale of residential and commercial property, development of property, commercial and retail leasing, purchase and sale of business, mortgages, probate and estate litigation matters.  Kendell is client service oriented with attention to detail and efficient advice, her goal in every transaction.




    Jade joined & Legal as an experienced property lawyer in August 2019. Since joining & Legal, Jade has completed transactions worth over $400m.

    Prior to joining, Jade worked in a boutique Surry Hills law firm for 3 years where her practice involved conveyancing, commercial law, property and estates litigation, probate and family law matters.

    Jade’s interest in the law developed following extensive property management experience whilst working in the commercial, retail and residential real estate industry, eventually leading to the completion of a LLB at the University of Notre Dame.

    As a result of Jade’s lengthy experience, she has developed a client centric focus, ensuring that her clients receive exceptional service in keeping with their specific objectives.

    She adopts the approach that all clients are different and that their needs are different, and therefore their interests are best served through understanding their individual requirements and communicating with them in clear and concise terms.

    Jan Ross


    Senior Paralegal

    Jan is a skilled and dedicated Senior Paralegal. Jan, who has worked with John Denes for over 30 years, joined & Legal with John and the Denes Ebner team in July 2013. Jan supports John in his practice, specialising in all facets of Property and, Wills and Estates matters.


    years of legal experience


    years working directly with John Denes



    Business Performance Manager

    Simone Bistram


    Senior, Accounts Management



    Junior, Accounts Management


    In 2016 & Legal decided to establish a legal scholarship award that recognised legal students who in addition to studying law were pursuing/or looking to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavour.   & Legal partnered with The University of Technology’s (UTS) Law Faculty, and four students have already been recipients of the scholarship.

    An unanticipated by-product was the recruitment of highly talented legal students, many from UTS, who have provided all manner of assistance to our senior lawyers through research; writing legal articles and contributing to the progression of various legal matters.

    The mentoring provided to these students has to some extent assisted them in finding later employment in international and national law firms and blue-chip corporate firms.







    2020/21 Scholarship Holder

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